Bird Proofing & Bird Control

Don’t Let Birds Cause Damage on Your Property in Staffordshire, Cheshire or Shropshire. Use AD Pest Management bird control services.

Bird Control

Although some people see pigeons as the major pests, there are also seagulls and other birds that can cause significant damage. At AD Pest Management we will respond quickly to deal with any bird problem as soon as possible, whether commercial or domestic.

“Had a wasp nest in my back garden and it was seen to and disposed of in the correct & efficient way. Would recommend Pestguard to anyone with pest issues to solve their problem. Thank you for the reliable service.”

Jordan Coxon

Bird Proofing

The methods we use can include netting, spikes or wire systems to prevent the birds from returning to a certain area or making habitats there. We can also remove nests and clean the area with a biocidal spray so that it is hygienic and all bacteria from the birds are removed. As birds also leave droppings, we clean this away and leave the area in a standard you would expect as though birds had never been there.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing – Typical 8 panel installation from £333 + VAT

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