Wasp Removal

At AD Pest Management we specialise in wasp nest removal and wasp control across Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire.

Wasp Removal Stoke-on-Trent

Wasp Nests Removed/Treated – £45 including VAT It’s All You Pay!!!

It is usually in the summer months when wasps are becoming a problem in houses and other buildings. The danger with wasps is that they can be dangerous and often allergic for some people if stung.

“Excellent, fast communication and response to a bees nest removal. It was taken away and ‘re located to ensure the pollinators could continue their work.”

Faye Rowe

Wasp Nests

In the event of finding a wasp nest in or around your property, you will need to treat it as it will continue to grow in size as the summer progresses. When you call us at AD Pest Management one of our highly skilled technicians will attend your property and treat/remove the wasp nest if it is in a reachable position. The cost is £45 including VAT, for this, we will usually treat the nest with an insecticidal dust.

Bee Nests

The way we deal with bees are different because they are not as dangerous and are actually good for the environment. If we attend your property and you have a bee nest, not a wasp nest, we will encourage you to leave it as the numbers are usually small and the nest will finish by mid-summer. If the bees are a danger to people we will remove them and the cost will be £65 including VAT.

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You need professionals to carry out this work as it can be dangerous. Call us today on 01782 624 461 to book an appointment. If you would like more information about wasp nest removal, visit any of our wasp removal sites:

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