Domestic Pest Control

At AD Pest Management we will attend your property with either our next day service or if required the same day for emergency domestic pest control.

Affordable Pest Solutions

One of our technicians/ experts will attend your property and survey the pest problem and offer you a free quote for the treatment. We offer a range of residential and domestic pest control services in Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent and to surrounding areas.

For more details about our domestic pest control and removal services, please call us on 01782 624 461.

“We had a rodent problem in our work unit, fortunately AD Pest Management were on hand to help. Fast, efficient and well priced, thank you for the great service.”

Malcolm Smith

Pest Control Services & Costs

Bed Bugs from £80, and we recommend a second visit 2 weeks later for which we charge £55

Fleas and biting insects from £80 for a terraced house, £95 for a semi-detached house and £105 for a detached house as the whole house has to be treated. We recommend a second visit 2 weeks later for which we charge £55

Cockroach treatment from £65

Squirrels. With these animals we catch them, deploying of a cage is £55 and then £45 to remove the cage and animal once captured.

Rabbits and Moles We use Aluminium Phosphide “Phostoxin Gas” tablets to treat the rabbit burrows/molehills and the price is £190 for one treatment.

(All prices shown include VAT.)

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Combat Pests Today

Your big problem with pests is that once they are in your home, if not treated properly, they can return with vengeance and often be worse than before. Pests have a habit of multiplying rapidly and can soon take over a whole home just starting from one room. It is better to combat them sooner rather than later so contact us today to book a slot for us to attend your property at a time most convenient for you. The number you need is 01782 624 461 for all residential pests as well as wasps, ants, bees and birds.

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Call us on 01782 624 461 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry. You can also visit our Facebook page.

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No matter what your pest problem is, whether its a large infestation or a one off, get in touch with our team today at AD Pest Management and we will be happy to help.