Deer Management

Wild deer can become a problem to not only homeowners but also landowners and farmers.

Deer Management Stoke-on-Trent

Wild deer can become a problem to not only homeowners but also landowners and farmers. It can result in loss of crops for farmers and forest areas can suffer from damage because of the deer browsing through for food supplies. If deer are left free on golf courses they can be damaging to the ground and be an annoyance to the golfers.

“Rang Pest GuardPC at 10.30 I was with an elderly couple I go into who had a wasp nest they came out within 10 minutes and bar far are the cheapest thank you very much.”

Julie Parry

Manage Wild Deer

Our experts in deer management at AD Pest Management are fully DS1 and DS2 trained in, culling, critical response, head counting and management plans. Each PCO takes into account other animals in the area, preventing further damage when managing the wild deer, managing the crops in the area, road traffic incidents that may occur and looking after the deer’s health and safety.


There are many laws in place that prevent the culling of different species of deer at certain times of the year. Our dear stalkers understand the law and the seasons when culling is allowed. There are currently six species of deer in the UK and 5 of these species have off and on seasons.

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