Rats and mice can cause severe structural issues and create fire hazards in your home. Because of this, it is essential to prevent their access or remove them from your property as soon as possible.

In this week’s blog at Pestguard PC we look at how rodents damage homes when gaining entry and after nesting.

Gnaw & Burrow

Rodents can fit through very small gaps. When they cannot squeeze in the cracks, they will gnaw and burrow to gain entry to your property. Once inside, almost anything in the house can and will be chewed.

Some issues that can be caused by rats and mice gnawing and burrowing in your home include:

  • Structural Damage
  • Damaged Valuables
  • Electrical Faults
  • Fires

In the pursuit of a nesting place, rodents can burrow into furniture, damaging property and leading to expensive repairs or even replacements. Rats and mice can also cause serious fire hazards to a property. If they chew through wiring while building nests in large electrical appliances, this can cause electrical faults that spark and cause fires.

Structural Damage

When trying to enter the property, rodents can make brickwork and structural issues worse. Access points are often in the attic or lower walls, so it is worth checking these areas regularly for signs of pests.

Rats and mice often enter properties to find somewhere warm and safe from predators to nest and breed. They are likely to nest inside walls, the attic or under floorboards. While there, the rodents will gnaw and leave droppings in the area, causing damage to wood, plasterboard and other building materials.

Food & Surface Contamination

If there are rats or mice in your home, they will nest somewhere quiet and seek out meals. They often find meals in leftovers left out on the kitchen worktop or in boxes of consumables that are not securely stored in cupboards.

When looking for food, rodents will urinate and leave droppings and hair on your food and surfaces. This contamination can make you very ill, so preventing pest infestations is vital.

Find Out More

Contact the team at Pestguard PC in Staffordshire for more information about the damage rodents can cause to your home and how our operatives can prevent their access. Call us on 01782 624 461 for a free quote, or send us a message via the contact form for a prompt response.

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