Business owners can take measures to prevent pests from accessing their premises, including properly disposing of food and ensuring there are no gaps for rodents and insects to enter through. 

In this month’s blog at Pestguard PC we look at how to protect your business from pests. Call us in Staffordshire on 01782 624 461 for more information.

Deter Pests & Prevent Infestations

A pest infestation can have a negative impact on a business, so it is essential to remain vigilant and prevent rats, mice and insects from accessing your property. Some ways of keeping animals from settling on your premises include:

  • Tightly Seal all Bins and Food Containers 
  • Dispose of Food Waste Thoroughly 
  • Check the Building for Gaps

Pests will enter your premises given the opportunity to nest in a safe, warm environment with easy access to food.   

Protect Your Business

Pests, such as rodents, can cause damage to your property. This can occur when they chew through wood and weaken the structural integrity when gaining access to the premises or as they move through the building, gnawing on water pipes and electrical wiring. 

Some of the critters that might attempt to nest on your property include:

  • Ants, Cockroaches & Other Insects
  • Flies
  • Rats & Mice 
  • Fleas & Other Biting Insects 

It is a legal requirement in the UK for business owners to organise pest control. These guidelines are outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Food Safety Act 1990. If these issues are not dealt with quickly and professionally, this can cause serious health risks and lead to employers receiving fines.  

Having a pest infestation can also damage your reputation as a business, especially if you are a restaurant, bar or takeaway. Additionally, losing out on trade can have a considerable negative impact on your finances. 

Find Out More

Contact our team at Pestguard PC for more information about how to protect your business from pests. Call us in Staffordshire on 01782 624 461 today to consult a specialist. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form and we will promptly respond. 

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