Foxes can dig holes in your garden and rummage through your bins, creating a mess and potentially spreading diseases.

In this month’s blog at Pestguard PC we look at the main signs of a fox infestation and how our team can prevent them from going on your property. Call us in Staffordshire today on 01782 624 461 for more details.

Paw Prints & Strong Odours

One of the first signs of a fox infestation is paw prints in your garden. They might also be accompanied by droppings. If you don’t have pets, then these indicators clearly show there has been an uninvited animal in your garden.

The smell of foxes is musty and strong, so you will probably notice an odd odour if there is an infestation. However, if you are unsure, contact a specialist and they will be happy to help.

Trampled Plants

Foxes will eat many things, including vegetables from your garden and even your pets. For example, if you have a rabbit outside, make sure the hutch and surroundings are secure, so the fox can’t get in.

Many people spend a lot of time making their outside space look as good as possible. Unfortunately, foxes will trample your planted flowers and dig up holes in the beds and lawn, so these signs are good indicators of an infestation.

Preventative Measures

Foxes carry diseases that can make people and other animals ill. They can also cause a lot of damage to property and make a mess, so ensuring they are removed or are not given a chance to settle in the first place is crucial.

Some ways to prevent the animals from coming into your garden include:

  • Don’t Leave Food Out
  • Make Sure Your Bins Are Secure
  • Use a Fence to Keep Them Out
  • Store Food in Secure Containers

Foxes will rummage through bins for food and scavenge all they can get from anything edible, from leftover meals to bird feed. So keep your bin lids securely shut and be careful not to scatter bird feed on the ground too much when filling the feeders.

Find Out More

Contact our experts at Pestguard PC in Staffordshire for more information about the signs of a fox infestation. Call us on 01782 624 461 to talk to a member of our team. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form for a prompt response.

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