Having pests in your home is unpleasant for anyone which is why it is important to know the warning signs of a pest infestation. Catch these critters early by being aware of the evidence.

At Pest Guard, we have over fifteen years of experience in the pest control industry. We know if there are pests and which ones they are by the evidence they leave behind. To make sure insects and rodents don t get the run of your home it is recommended you know the warning signs of a pest infestation.

Animal Droppings

One of the easiest ways of determining whether or not you have rodents in your property is seeing evidence of droppings. Cone or circular-shaped droppings tend to be from rats whereas finding evidence for insects is a little more difficult.

Some of the other things you might find lying around are nails, fur or garbage as rats tend to leave them about. You can sometimes find the exoskeletons of insects and wings of flies which can be signs of a pest infestation.

Nests And Noises

If you are lying in bed at night or working from home in the spare room and can hear scratching coming from the ceiling, you probably have rodents in your attic. Many animals are silent during the day but become more active during the evening and night so listen out to scraping and pattering in the walls.

Nests are also pretty sure signs of a pest infestation. Check the small, dark, possibly slightly damp areas of your home such as your attic, under unused furniture, beneath flooring or between the walls. Of course, you cannot check everywhere but that is why it is important to listen out for any strange noises.

Gnaw Marks And Other Damage

Evidence of chewed wires, furniture, and other items in your home is another of the signs of a pest infestation. Rodents love to chew through things so if they are in your home they are probably gnawing on something.

As they can get into wiring it is important to be careful as some bare wires might be live and dangerous so turn the power off when investigating. Mice and rats like to chew different things so consult a professional for more information.


All animals smell, especially when they are rodents who spend a lot of their time in our waste. They also leave droppings and urine as evidence as to where they have been so if you think you can smell something strange or strong and you think it might be droppings, you should have a look for any other clues or get in touch with a specialist.

Contact Pest Guard for advice and expert pest control services if you recognise any of these signs of a pest infestation. Call us today on 01782 624461.

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