Wasp nests need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent them from growing in size. Safe wasp nest removal, however, requires experienced pest control experts.

This week’s blog at Pestguard PC explains how to know if you have a wasp problem and how to safely remove the settled colony.

Is the Nest Active?

Before contacting a professional pest control company you may wish to know whether there are any pests to be dealt with. If a nest is inhabited, large numbers of the insects will be flying regularly to and from it.

Old structures are unlikely to have colonies living in them. However, if you find a new one during the spring or early summer months it will probably be active. There are a few places you could find them including:

  • Lofts and Basements
  • Sheds and Children’s Playhouses
  • Gutters
  • Bushes and Trees

These areas will often be safe from predators, so rarely at ground level and often hidden away in high, hard to reach places. There are exceptions as they can sometimes be found in holes in the ground.

The Lifecycle of a Wasp Nest

Nests are built in the spring and early summer months. When it is warm, they flourish and grow but in the colder months, the insects begin to die. It is in these later months when wasps become more aggressive.

Once most or all of the worker, social and drone wasps have died spiders often find and kill the Queen. Old structures can’t be reused so at the beginning of every season a new one is built.

Dangers of Disturbing the Colony

At its peak, there can be hundreds of wasps in a colony which is a threat to humans. If you disturb their home then they will defend themselves. When you are stung, a pheromone is released with the venom that alerts the others and makes them more aggressive.

One sting may not do much harm, but if you are attacked by a swam they present a life-threatening risk. There are DIY methods for wasp nest removal but they are not always effective and can cause more harm than good.

Professionals can safely and completely deal with the nest without risk of you being harmed. Once it is treated, the insects can no longer use the structure without being killed by the chemicals inside.

Expert Wasp Nest Removal

Call our team at Pestguard PC on 01782 624461 today for safe wasp nest removal in Crewe and the surrounding areas. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form and a member of our team will respond shortly.

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